5 Best Books for Personal Development

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I’m going, to be honest – I could be obsessed with self-care books. These are a just a few of my favorite ones that I couldn’t put down. I often find myself giving others advice from these books and then realize how much they all affected me in my life. These are all books you can read over and over again, post little sticky notes in, and highlight away! Enjoy!

“A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom”, this is what Don Miguel Ruiz promises from this book, and boy does he get it right! The author is able to boil down the daunting task of being okay with who you are, into four small bite-sized agreements that the reader is to do every day. After reading this book and applying these four agreements to my life, I have been able to become more comfortable in who I am, and I have noticed that my anxiety has been decreased tenfold by just applying the four agreements to my life.

In The Gifts of Imperfection ,Brené Brown really breaks down the idea that perfectionism focuses on what others want us to be. As imperfect human beings, we tend to talk, walk, shop, act, and think the way that we believe others want us to be. In my personal experience, it’s not very enjoyable to do that. Keeping up the facade of being perfect is absolutely exhausting, and is very self-depreciating overtime. This book takes the reader by the hand and explains to them how to embrace the imperfections that we have, live authentically, and live a wholehearted life.

Oh, this is an oldie but a goodie! In 1936 Dale Carnegie wrote How to Win Friends & Influence People that would help those struggling in the grasps of the great depression, to arm them with the knowledge that would be needed to push them up the ladder of success in not only their careers, but also in their personal lives. 81 years later (as of writing this in 2017), Dale Carnegie’s advice has helped millions of people in advancing their lives to the next level, and I am one of them. By taking in the author’s life-changing, it has been easy to see that how I have grown in my business and personal relationships.


You’ve probably heard of this one – and it’s for a good reason! The 5 Love Languages just gives a great perspective on relationships and how we can improve them by getting to know our significant other. The 5 Love Languages are Words of Affirmation, Receiving gifts, Physical Touch, Quality Time, and Acts of Service. Personally, I’m all about that quality time and words of affirmation…whereas my significant other is acts of service and physical touch (he the likes hugs). On a serious note, it’s so beneficial for us to know because we can better understand how we can communicate with each other effectively.

This book is actual gold. The Secret makes so much sense and really makes you think about how you act. It’s all about the laws of attraction, it basically talks about how our thoughts can impact the world directly, including with ourselves! Rhonda Byrne wrote this book and it became a best seller in 2006, and I know why. My friend group and I pass this puppy around like it will actually save your life, because…it kind of does, from negativity!


These books are incredible for personal development. I have read most of them more than once and find myself constantly recommending them to my friends, family, and co workers. I’ve been able to take the advice and apply it to my life in so many ways from these books. What books did I miss? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below, please share!




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