1. I wish I had taken better care of my hair over the years. Being in the military meant keeping it in a bun most of the day. When I would get off work, I would be too tired to mess with it so it would always end up in a ponytail!

    • morganl3480

      Right? It took me years to figure some of these out, but I’m so glad I did. The plumping dry shampoo also smells, AMAZING!!!

  2. These are great tips! I’ve heard of the silk pillow case, but never really gone out to buy one. Few things I’m going to try to make my hair longer and stronger 😊 Xoxo

    • morganl3480

      Hi Shannon! Thanks so much for commenting! I LOVE my wet brush – that thing saves my hair. For sure grab one next time you’re out!

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