20 Productivity Apps – Cheat Sheet

Your Cheat Sheet for the Best Productivity Apps

Being an adult is tough. Working for a living can become hectic and overwhelming. We always hear, “Work smarter not harder.”, but sometimes we don’t have the time to figure out how to do that in the first place to solve the problem. That’s why I created the Business Apps cheat sheet for you – to help you organize your day, feel motivated, and make your daily work life so much easier!

Get ready to take the hustle out of your day!

Momentum – A motivational widget dashboard

THIS APP IS AWESOME. This is a google plugin that just puts that pep in my step that I need in the mornings! It greets you with a new National Geographic picture each day, a personalized greeting, and inspirational quote for the day, a to-do widget, weather reports, and quick links widget for your favorite websites.

Price: Free

Download Momentum

AWESOME NOTE – A note taking app

Awesome Note is very easy to use and well designed. It serves as an organizer, planner, to-do list, party planning, and a photo journal. You can even put in reminders for anniversaries, birthdays, and other events!

Download Awesome Note

LEVO RESUME – Creates your resume quicker

So everyone and their mom uses Word to create their resume. But this is the internet and we will not settle. Levo resume is a gorgeous app that will write your resume or cover letter instead of Word! I love it because it syncs with your Linkedin and provides you with advice and tips for career building with your resume.  It’s as easy as creating your resume on the app, download it as a PDF to email or share it. Easy!

Price: Free

Download Levo Resume

Amazon Prime Now – A productivity service

This app I’m sure you’ve heard of…but you’re wondering if it’s worth it. I’m telling you it so is! You know those days where you just don’t have the time or energy to run to the store to get the essentials? Like toilet paper for example…you know the roll is empty at home and it’s ticking you right off. Well, no problem, simply download Amazon Prime app and it will be sent to your door within 2 hours! I always do this if I know I have a long workday, will be stuck in traffic, or have some errand that I HAVE to get done prior, I’ll whip out this app and viola…it’s on my doorstep by the time I get home!

Price: Free trial and then $97.00 a year

Download Amazon Prime

Grammarly – A grammar check plug in

If you are constantly writing at work – whether it’s emails, on a blog, or writing up a proposal, you want to be 100% sure you have no errors. Sure, Microsoft Word has this feature and so does our emails but it doesn’t catch everything or show you the options to fix it right away. You can install it onto google and it will fix everything for you no matter what program you’re using. I love this app because it makes my writing so much more clear and is super easy to fix mistakes! You can use it with the following applications: Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Tumblr, Microsoft office plugin, Grammarly extension for Chrome, and many more!

Price: Free

Download Grammarly

Mint.Com – A budget app

incredible resource for budgeting. It’s wonderful for making your budget easy to understand and connecting your bills to your account. The best part is you can manage all of your money in one place. This app has changed my life – it even sends you a message saying you’re getting close to going over your budget! LIKE WHAT?

Download Mint.com

Focus@Will – Productivity Music

Nowadays everyone plugs in their headphones at work and listens to a playlist to keep your motivated to get work done. Have you ever noticed though that sometimes it’s just stressful to pick a playlist that you don’t get sick of or that just doesn’t get the job done? Well, Focus@Will is a music app that is scientifically proven to help you make the most of your time and be more productive. You can choose from different stations – I love this app!

Download Focus@Will

Asana – Task Management

This is a task management tool that is simply awesome! Its purpose is to help you collaborate with team members and to stay on top of deadlines. A favorite feature of mine is that you can forward emails from your inbox and automatically creates a task for everyone to see…so smooth! Be sure to download the mobile app for sure if you work remotely or have to travel often for work! Super slick!

Price: Free

Download Asana

E.ggTimer.com – A built in timer to keep your productive

I love this app because it’s so simple but effective! You simply just set the time you want it to run for and when the time expires it will pop up with a notification. I always use this when I’m at work so I don’t get too wrapped up in a task that should only take me 10 minutes instead of 30.  This keeps me on track and make sure I’m not drifting off into never-never land.

Price: Free

Download E.ggtimer.com

LastPass – An app that saves all of your passwords

I’ll be honest – I can’t remember passwords for the life of me. We all know how that goes. We have to have passwords for everything today. The most frustrating thing is not remembering the exact version of basically the same password you always use and then having to reset your password. NO ONE HAS TIME FOR THAT! Basically, LastPass remember all of your passwords for you and stores them in a ‘vault’. It also is super slick and helps you create better passwords. Do yourself a favor and install this ASAP! It’s easy to access and you don’t have to go digging in your little pocketbook that has scratched out updated passwords for days.

Price: Free and Paid Versions

Download LastPass

Unroll.Me – An app that cleans up your email

I literally have had irrelevant subscription emails from companies I had no idea I signed up too. I loved using Unroll Me because it was quick, easy to use, and cleared up all the subscriptions I didn’t want. What I like is that I can go through all of the subscriptions that I have and choose the ones I want to keep as well. It’s a great way to clean up your mailbox and feel so much more organized!

Price: Free

Download Unroll.me

ZenWriter – Creates a space to think with 0 distractions

If you have a job where you’re writing a ton and you just need to get in the zone but can’t seem to? Well, this app is meant to make your computer screen more, ‘zen’. It removes all distractions from your screen so nothing tempts you from getting off task!

Download ZenWriter
Price: $9.99 but there’s a free trial so if you don’t like it, part ways!

Forest – Productivity App

This app is adorably cute and effective! It kind of reminds me of digi pets that we had back in the 90’s, where you had to keep your pet alive and be responsible. Well, this app is similar, except you’re taking care of a tree! This app keeps you away from your smartphone while you’re working so that you don’t waste time. So whenever you want to focus on your work, use the app to plant a tree, then during that time the tree will ‘grow’ while you work, and the tree will be KILLED if you leave the app! Kind of intense but it works for me because I like a challenge!

Price: Free

Download Forest

RescueTime – A time saving app

Have you ever had those days where you literally don’t know what you accomplished? Like, what did you even do? Sometimes I’ve had those and frankly one too many…so I got this app! Rescue Time will track what websites you spend the most time on and let you know which times of the week you’re the most unproductive. I love having this information because I can use it to change my habits efficiently!

Price: Free and paid versions

Download RescueTime


Expensify – An expenses app

I have always hated the age old process of saving receipts and losing them in my car. Another thing I disliked was there was so good way to organize receipts and they just looked messy. Well, Expensify takes away that problem, thank goodness! Take a picture of your receipt, Expensify uses their technology to add the details to the database, and al you have to do is choose what folder the expense belongs in. Lost your receipt you say? Don’t worry my friend! This smart app lets you import the expense from your credit card statement and creates the documentation for the purchase. If this app couldn’t get any better. If you’re traveling the app facilitates automatic currency conversion…this is app is an absolute must have!


Download Expensify


Dropbox – Cloud syncing software

Hands down one of the best apps out there. It is a cloud storage systems for any documents you may need to access. All of your access is in one place – everyone can find a reason to make this app a priority at work!


Download Dropbox


Acuity Scheduler – A Scheduling App

This calendar scheduling app allows your customers to be appointments, pay, or redeem coupons! It syncs with your Google calendar so you can book the appointments. This is the ultimate app if you run your own business or have too many clients to keep track of and have no assistant! It’s awesome because clients can view your real time availability and it takes the hustle out of scheduling on your end.

Price: Free trial and paid options

Download AcuityScheduler


Scanner Pro – A scanning app

If you need to scan a document on the fly – this app will do just that! It allows you to scan to pdf or jpg using your phones rear camera. It’s awesome if you have to send something that had to be signed!

Price: $5.49

Download Scanner Pro


Paypal – A Payment app

Did you know you can get a debit card for business expenses with your paypal account? Isn’t that legit? This app is super slick and you can use it for personal and business use!

Price: Free

Download Paypal


Azeus Convene – Conduct Paperless Meetings

Azeus Convene allows you to conduct meetings that  are  paperless, efficient, and secure! It can handle impromptu meetings and the whole meeting process from scheduling through the follow – up actions! Genius!

Price: Free

Download Azeus Convene

That’s it!

20 Productivity Apps to make your life easier! I love this cheat sheet because it not only tells you about them, but it tells you the price, how to download, and what the product looks like! This will be your ticket to the ultimate productivity and success in your personal and professional life. Share with your friends, co workers, and heck, even your boss to get the ball rolling on some of these! I hope these help you!



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  1. This is so great! I’ve never heard of Unroll and Amazon Prime Now! I’m going to bookmark this for future reference. Definitely going to look into those. Thank you for sharing great content!

    • morganl3480


      You are so welcome! I’m glad this little resource could help you out! You for sure won’t be disappointed 🙂

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