6 Ways To Earn More Money

Want to earn more money? Start a new biz? Have a creative outlet? Keep reading!

If ya’ll don’t know (I’m trying to start saying ya’ll so go with it), I’m a full-time Recruiter for my day job. I absolutely love Recruiting, love where I work, and I consider myself to be so lucky that I found something I excel at and love. I honestly struggled for years in other jobs because I hate the 60-70 hours I had to work a week, hated being micro-managed, and hated not being able to make a difference. I was miserable.

Here’s what I did…

I remember one day sitting in my apartment, near tears, and thinking to myself, “There has to be more out there for me”. I was craving creativity, growth, motivation, and options. Options to make more money, impact more people, and a way to have more control over what I had worked so hard in college for. The direction the world is going is remote work. Whether people like it or – it’s cheaper for businesses to not have to pay for office spaces, employee computers, lunches during in-person training, and etc…plus, a lot of people do want to work from home! So it’s a win-win. Which got me thinking, that’s going to be my goal. I know that I would never leave the full time gig I have right now as a Recruiter because no other company could offer me something better. It would literally have to be running my own biz, working from home, and earning well over 6 figures, otherwise, no beuno.

I know there have to be others out there like me that crave the same things I do.

Whether that’s wanting more money, a creative outlet, or whatever that is, here are some solid ideas that you can try out!

Create a blog! I’ve started earning some side income with increased traffic from using Pinterest, GoogleAdsense, and affiliate programs. This gives you a creative outlet that will speak to others and inspire. There are so many resources out there to help you get started on a blog. A huge benefit is that it can turn into a full-time income if you put the effort, time, and energy it takes to be successful. Here are some of the exact resources I used to help me – woo! Blog By Number <– the eBook I used!

Investments! I’m sure my friends who read this will laugh because I work for an investment firm, but seriously investing is so smart. It’s actually really fun when you start to understand it. I’m not saying get a financial advisor by any means (although, it’s a smart thing to do and totes worth it), because there are so many apps out there today that make it so simple to start investing and you actually see legit results. I started using the app called, Stash! You literally put $5.00 in to start and you watch your money grow. Your first month is absolutely free and then from then on, they charge $1.00 per month, once your account hits $5,000 they start taking 0.25%, aka $12.50 a year. People sometimes seem scared of investing because they think you need a ton of money to do it, that is not the case. Give it a go with a small investment, today!

Start your own side biz! Who knows? Maybe it will turn out to be a full-time business and you can say bye-bye to your corporate job! Starting a business is definitely hard work though. Be prepared to do tons of research, get certified/educated if need be, and be prepared for start-up costs and a lot of self-exploration. I had this mini dream that someday I’ll be a Life Coach/Career Coach and be able to work from home, help others, and earn a great income from that. Is it possible? 100% it is. However, I just recently got certified as a career coach through an online course that cost me some $$$. I considered it an investment in my future because I know the biz is something I’d be naturally good at based on my career now and would offer me all of the wants I desire. I’d probably start it as a side biz and grow it and if it turned into something bigger, than BOOM, fulltime biz for Linds. Start writing down ideas, pros, and cons, and do some research, watch some webinars, who knows what will happen!

Monat Hair Products or Rodan and Fields!  I’m pretty sure you’ve had to but these are just one of many marketing programs that will allow you to actually make serious money. I sell for Monat but I also am totally in love with the Lash Boost from Rodan and Fields! So many people run these as side businesses and then quit their full-time jobs to work from home and sell products that really work and that you’re passionate about. I tried Monat hair products over a month ago and I will never use anything else again. It made sense for me to become a Market Partner and sell because of the HUGE discount for me to continue purchasing the product and I would be recommending the product anyways so why not earn money from it? I got my first paycheck from Monat this week deposited on the 15th and boy oh boy, I can see why people do this. I made a goal to pay off my car loan by just casually selling Monat when people ask, it’s easy because the products sell themselves! Here’s my page so you can check it out! Lindsey’s Monat Page!

Do you like dogs as much as I do? Well, Wag! is for certified dog walkers! You can make some serious money just for walking and play with dogs! LIKE WHAT!? This is some serious happiness and money coming your way. This is not a drill. Why not to do this part-time? It kind of seems like a no-brainer to me. Check it out and sign up here – Wag!

Become a Virtual Assistant! Yes – this is a real and pretty easy opportunity to start with very little start up costs. It allows you to work from home, create your own hours, and create some awesome side income! A Virtual Assistant (VA) is someone who provides remote work for either a business. Some people are executive assistants, do sales work, help run blogs, make phone calls, literally so many options! A lot of folks start this up on the side and eventually turn it into a full time income! There are tons of resources on how to get going and get clients. A lot of people post on LinkedIn, Facebook, and use family friends and referrals. Otherwise, there are online companies where people post Virtual Assistant positions that you can apply too, very easily. One company I know of is called UpWork, they have a whole portal and make the process extremely easy.

What do you think of these ideas?

There are so much more out there like driving for Uber & Lyft, babysitting, getting a waitress job on the side, and even becoming a Virtual Assistant! You can make this happen, whatever your aspirations may be! Let me know in the comments what you think!

Happy Holidays & have a great New Year! Woo 2018!





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