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The Law Of Attraction break down

I’ve always been a big believer in pouring out positive energy wherever I go. I learned from a young age that it absolutely, 100% made a difference in all situations, even negative ones. I’ve always been told I have a positive mindset, outlook, and other things but in high school, I first heard the phrase, “law of attraction”, and it really hit me. I knew that I could be more strategic with what I was already doing and apply it in all situations with the law of attraction and totally take it to heart. Honestly, it has worked out for me personally, professionally, and helps me out in even the most negative and hard situations.

The Law of Attraction can be described as “like always attracts like” or you attract the energy you’re giving out. If you want to be all official, the actual definition is:  is the belief that the universe creates and provides for you that which your thoughts are focused on.  The results of positive thoughts are always positive consequences.

Negative Energy

I’m not perfect at all and have been guilty of being negative or complaining at times but I think this is worth asking this question…have you ever been talking to someone and they literally suck all of the good energy you had out of you? It’s all negative energy no matter the circumstance and you’re kind of just speechless because nothing you say is going to change their mindset and it’s always constant when you chat with this person. Something is always wrong with them in every area of their life.

It’s negative. It’s all negative energy they are constantly putting out so that’s all they’re getting back and that’s why nothing improves and it’s always the same energy sucking conversation after conversation and eventually, you’re like, “Woah, this homegirl/boy are taking up to much precious positive real estate in my brain and I can’t be apart of this anymore.”

I know that’s a tough thought to wrap our minds around but we all have the friend, co-worker, or family member where you’re just having a hard time getting excited to see them or they just mentally exhaust you time and time again.

Positive Energy

But on the flip side…have you ever met a person who is absolutely positively infectious when they walk into a room? I’m talking like they walk into a room and instantly the energy is positive and so much fun? You just know that you want to surround yourself with this person and they are an absolute source of sunshine in your life day after day.

These are the type of humans that when something negative happens they are still finding the positive outcome out of it. No matter how small it may be. They aren’t weighing you down with their everyday life drama but instead are filling you up with affirmations, teaching you something, offer resources & advice, or just a great time, in general, to be around. They leave you thinking, “I admire how happy this person is and I wonder where they’re getting it from and how I can be more like them.”

Not to get all churchy on ya – but I see a lot of these qualities in people I go to church with. Or I see it in incredible leaders in my work office, organizations I’m apart of, and the people I truly want to spend my time with at the end of the day. As I’ve been blogging, I’ve been lucky enough to connect with some pretty incredible bloggers who are inspiring, positive, and want to help others with what they know to improve others lives each day. Here’s a blog post and blogger that has inspired me that I know you will fall in love with, here’s an incredible post to start with, teach your brain to be more positive . 


Don’t get me wrong – everyone has times where they need a shoulder to lean on. But there is a difference between that and pushing all your negative energy on someone else time and time again when they can’t help you with your issues.

I feel sort of like a hippy but it’s all about the positive vibes, man!

Seriously, it can make a tremendous difference in your life. Starting with your relationships and then you will start seeing the difference at work, in social situations, start getting invited to do more things, and see a noticeable difference in people’s perception of you. Did you know there are literally hundreds of resources to use based on the law of attraction? I can post some below for you to check out.

Here is a tip to start out with to make a small change (no matter where you’re at in life): START SAYING ONLY POSITIVE WORDS!

WORDS MAKE A DIFFERENCE. They turn into your thoughts and thoughts turn into feelings and then eventually your actions and everything comes full circle before you know it.

Another tip that is highly beneficial is working on your body language. I live in Minnesota and we’re known for “Minnesota Nice” but we joke that it’s, “Minnesota Passive Aggressive” because we always leave a conversation open-ended, reschedule meetings, or have bad body language in situations. Start by asking your family, significant other, and friends about your body language and what they notice! It may be tough but boy oh boy will it make a difference if you start by first noticing it in order to make a change.

At the end of the day – you are the only person responsible for making yourself happy. Sure, your spouse, friends, and family are always a part of making your life wonderful but it is not their job and it’s a tremendous burden to put that on someone.

Here are some resources and ideas that I LOVE and have personally used or know someone who used them for your reference.

  • Vision board – check out mine on Pinterest and create your own, click here.
  • Meditation – Check out my blog post on meditation with some great beginner meditations here is one I use for my Amazon Alexa in my room at night, click here.
  • Gratitude journal – nothing fancy, just something simple that you write one thing each day, click here for a cheap best seller on amazon with daily quotes and mini projects for reflection.
  • Magic check: I LOVE THIS IDEA! Jim Carrey the actor actually used this and wrote himself a 10 million dollar check when he was poor and struggling and then he found out his first paycheck ever in show biz was for 10 million dollars and he’d finally accomplished his goal. It was a visual goal, something to work towards – try it out, it doesn’t have to be a check but something that will remind you each day of a goal you want to accomplish.
  • Daily Affirmations – Get in front of a mirror and tell yourself what you like about yourself. Hear it out loud because honestly, it matters what you think about yourself. Or, get an affirmations journal! Here’s a low key hilarious one called Love the shit out of yourself – because your life depends on it, click here to get it.

I hope this helps – much love!


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