Confession: I’m obsessed with La Croix, here’s why!

Welcome to the crazy weird lifestyle of me, Lindsey. I thought a lot about the post I’m writing today and decided it’s too much of my daily lifestyle to not write about La Croix and what it has done for me.

I realize this is laughable – heck, I’m laughing right now because I’m absolutely ridiculous to some people right now. However, if you’re boarded the La Croix train at any juncture – you know I ain’t that cray. Also, this is 100% my fridge right now.

Let me start by telling you that I gave up pop. Since I was young I had a mini love affair with Coca-Cola. My mom is also obsessed and I learned it from good old Barbara and it totally stuck with me. I’m talking like I could crack if I didn’t have a Coke from McDonald’s. By the way, everyone who’s anyone knows that Coke from McDonald’s is the BEST for some godforsaken evil reason. I’ve been challenged by this many times by my boyfriend who used to work at McDonald’s when he was young (bless his heart) and he continues to claim they do nothing different. My argument is that God has definitely intervened or it’s magic. I’m convinced. Anyway – this is about La Croix and not Coke, but here’s the thing, I would have never given up pop if it wasn’t for the sweet bubbly waters of LaCroix.

I think it’s funny to point out that my first complaint ever switching to LaCroix was that it wasn’t ‘sweet’ and now I think it is? I think it’s because the Coke Devil still had their grips on me.

I’m to the point now where I get antsy if my fridge is low in LaCroix. I’m also a La Croix princess because if it isn’t cold, I am not pleased. I literally threw a little organized professional get together and served LaCroix as the ONLY option to drink. Who am I??? Like, if I could only gift boxes of LaCroix, I 100% would. If you would have asked me a year ago to drink a LaCroix I would have laughed in your face and chugged a McDonald’s coke in front of you.

Long story short guys- this dog isn’t on a leash anymore, LaCroix has me and it’s become my identity. For example, the colors of the cans? Like, if I had to describe my personality it would be the glorious swirling colors of those GD works of art that we take for granted of. The wonderful light and refreshing flavors that burst in your mouth? I live for that feeling each and every day. You will find two LaCroix in my car at all times for my morning commute. Next? La Croix is from Wisconsin and I AM FROM WISCONSIN! I’m not sure how I can be much more clear. The most realistic reason is probably that by switching to La Croix instead of soda has actually been so much healthier of an option for me and has helped me lose weight.

Pro tip from an obsessed La Croix drinker: Use a straw when you drink it sometimes because the carbonic acid can erode your teeth! Not as bad as regular pop, but just something to be careful if this is your go-to drink. Unfortunately, there can be too much of a good thing sometimes!

So – is there anyone else who is absolutely as obsessed as I am? I mean, just a reminder of how beautiful it looks and the joy it will bring you.

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